The First Decentralized
Cross-Chain Trading Platform.

Powered by Polkadot. Built on Optimism.

An ETF Trading Platform

Invest in entire industries such as Insurance, NFTs and Oracles and take advantage of the changing trends in cryptocurrency.

Cross Chain Functionality

Interoperability for seamless trading between the Ethereum and Polkadot ecosystems​

Non Fungible Tokens​

ERC-721 integration rewarding ETF creation and trading achievements and gamifying investment and trading.​

Layer 2 Solutions

Building with Optimism to allow for ultra-low transaction fees and fast trading whilst maintaining high security.

Fiat Gateway​

A decentralized bridge to the traditional finance world allowing for fiat purchases and investment.

Plethori Protocol

Invest in entire industries such as Insurance, NFTs and Oracles and take advantage of the changing trends in cryptocurrency.

Stake collateral to create unique ETFs with customizable parameters.

Publish ETFs to be traded by the community on the platform.

Earn a percentage of the transaction fees for every trade on the platform.

Earn valuable NFTs that give perks on the platform as the fund moves up the rankings.

What is Plethori?

Plethori is a decentralized cross-chain ETF Investment Platform that allows trading and creation of trustless ETFs by utilizing blockchain technology and layer 2 solutions.

The platform will connect the Ethereum and Polkadot ecosystems empowering traders by providing a wide range of ETF tokens to trade and invest and leveraging the technology of both blockchains to open new avenues for investment strategies.

Our service will allow investors to create fully decentralized ETFs that can be traded and earn a share of the profits from transaction fees. The leaderboard system will reward top performing fund creators with NFTs which give perks on the platform and partner project platforms such as early access to releases and higher staking APY.


The Team


Callum Mitchell-Clark

COO / Acting CEO

• 10+ years business owner and management experience.
• Project Management, Marketing, Consumer Psychology and Legal experience.
• Served on management teams for several crypto startups.
• Crypto + DeFi Enthusiast and Investor.
• Blockchain infrastructure support experience.


Neil Tiongson


• 5+ years experience in the creative industry and marketing coordinator for Five Group Pty Ltd.
• Roles ranging from photography, graphic design, web design and social media marketing.
• Worked with brands such as Cadbury, San Remo and Fujiifilm Phillipines.


Ding Tian

Lead Developer

• Expert in Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain deploying 30+ smart contracts and developing several DeFi dapps.
• Software engineer for ShiXiang Information Technologies working with Solidity, GraphQL, TypeScript, PostgreSQL, React Native and Python.
• Built several crypto exchanges and ICO platforms helping clients raise millions of dollars.


Captain Link

Community Manager

• Early adopter / investor of various major cryptocurrency.
• 3+ years experience of online community management across channels such as Discord and Telegram.
• 3+ years of experience for taking community initiatives such as working groups, grants, meetups, and other initiatives.
• 3+ years experience of partnering with Product and Engineering team and communicating with community for new developments.


Li Fang

Blockchain Developer

• Experienced blockchain technology developer and researcher, specifically with regard to providing insight into innovative problem-solving solutions for dapps and smart contracts.
• Developed many Ethereum Smart Contracts using Solidity (ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155).
• Experienced server-side script writer (Golang) to interact with Ethereum blockchain and Smart Contracts.
• Expertise on theory behind most popular blockchains.
• Experienced DeFi solutions engineer.



Neil Mitchell-Clark


• 20+ years senior executive experience in sales oriented, B2B, financial services, distribution and logistics organisations.
• 15 years professional experience with Arthur Andersen and Coopers and Lybrand in England, The Netherlands, Australia and Asia.
• M&A, Capital and debt raising, IPO’s, Business Transformation and Strategy Formulation.


Deon Dreyer


• 20+ years experience in advising on traditional and alternative asset classes to institutional clients.
• Extensive derivative trading and structuring experience including the creation of a range of ETFs.
• Helping people make informed investment decisions using mathematical models and technology.
• Incorporating climate aware scenario analysis into strategic asset allocation decisions.
• Passionate about crypto and defi and using my tradfi experience and influence to increase adoption.


Lester Lim


• Digital marketing entrepreneur and leader in blockchain start-up incubation.
• Expert on strategic direction, marketing, token metrics and investors relations.
• 4+ years experience raising tens of millions of dollars in the most promising blockchain start-ups.
• Advisor to Blank Wallet, DAOVentures, Vortex Defi, Finxflo, MahaDao and many others.


Matthijs van Driel


• Founder of Magnus Digital Assets, a blockchain technology focused venture capital firm.
• Advisor for several start-ups in DeFi assisting in fundraising, partnerships, project strategy and various other roles.
• Previous experience in the financial industry as a quantitative trader at an equity trading firm.

Our Investors

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